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Gun racks for police vehicles need to be highly adjustable and work with a vast number of weapons and configurations. We have found this solution with the Weapon Armour® Gun Rack system. The Weapon Armour® gun rack offers single, dual, vertical, and horizontal mounting options along with your choice of Santa Cruz gun lock and key style.

Keep your firearm safe with secure in-vehicle storage. We offer gun racks for nearly every vehicle on the road, whether it’s a sedan, truck or SUV. Our gun racks are secure and robust. They feature key elements that make them difficult to break into, so that police equipment never ends up in the wrong hands.

Mounting options of gun racks for police vehicles include partition, free standing, trunk mounted and a few custom options as well. Weapon Armour® gun racks when combined with the High Security Guard option offers some of the best weapon protection on the market and at a cost that won’t break the bank. Find your ideal gun rack solution from the talented metal shop of B&B Enterprises.

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