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Customer Value

Our Top Priority – Customer Value with a Better Built Product

Are you a small to mid-size fleet manager looking for
quality emergency vehicle products with the most customer value? 

B&B offers a complete line of better built products. Our expert services combine high quality equipment with fast and easy installation. Thus, you save time, reduce installation cost, and enjoy the benefits of extended product life. Because we understand the need to budget well, this combination of quality and customer value reduces future spending and gives you the freedom to use department money for other needs. 

From Start to Finish — Our Custom Metal Products are AMERICAN-MADE!

With our manufacturing shop located right here in the USA, we uniquely offer customized options to fit your needs. We proudly build the highest quality products with the best customer value in the country. And you can feel good about buying American-made! Some companies “say” their products are American-made, but their main headquarters are located outside of the U.S.


From Manufacturing to Shipping to Installation – Quality is Top Priority

  • Our products can be installed easily and quickly.  When a vehicle is upfitted in a timely manner, everyone saves money.

  • Most of our items can be installed in 30 minutes or less. (Large truck boxes and sliders take about an hour).

  • We know your time is valuable, so we strive to keep installation simple.

We Build the Highest Quality Products for the Money

Without a doubt, when it comes to cost-to-benefit ratio and getting the most for tax dollars spent, we give you the highest quality product for your money. Because our competitively priced products have a long life, they do not need to be replaced as often. Even though vehicle models may change, your department only has to order a different style install frame at a small fraction of the cost of a replacement box. Moreover, our in-house manufacturing shop allows us to uniquely customize your storage and equipment needs without the custom price tag.

When it comes to finding the best emergency vehicle products for your individual needs, we feature a wide selection. If you are looking for a lightweight yet sturdy option, we offer aluminum shell boxes with steel drawers. Likewise, all of our steel boxes and components use the thinnest gauge possible while still maintaining the structural sturdiness required for the job. Plus, we offer several different locking styles, depending on your needs. What’s more – as a testimony to our belief that quality is timeless, we have storage boxes still in use today that were installed over 10 years ago! 

Going the Extra Mile for Comfort

  • Our specialized design of storage boxes, consoles, and other accessories focuses on minimizing noise to diminish distracting “rattling” inside a vehicle.
  • We use rubber to tighten drawer faces, and utilize a fully welded design (not rivets) to help eliminate vibrations.
  • In addition, we use heavy-duty Accuride glides for ease of drawer use and for long-lasting wear.

We Follow Safety Specs to Secure Your Products in the Event of an Accident

No one plans for an accident, but unfortunately, they can and do happen. We strive to make the safest vehicle components for those times. For instance, our vehicle-specific install frames for all of our storage boxes bolt to the existing vehicle sub frame. As a result, this unique design keeps the boxes intact. In the event of an accident, such as a roll-over or an accidental shotgun firing from inside the box, your weapons and officers remain safe and secure.

Although we cannot guarantee the boxes will withstand anything, we do our best to make them as safe as possible. Accordingly, our boxes feature a secure and robust design. Using key elements that make them difficult to break into, our secure boxes help ensure your equipment does not end up in the wrong hands.