FAQs – B&B Enterprises

Here are some frequently asked questions we get at B&B Enterprises. This information is available as a guide to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing your emergency vehicle equipment and products!

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Installation Questions

All of our boxes are installed using a vehicle specific install frame. The frame bolts to the cargo area using bolt holes under the carpet/rubber and then the box bolts to the frame. This makes the box solid and stable.

It depends on the vehicle; SUVs and trunk boxes typically take an hour or less, while a truck box may take up to an hour and a half.

Many times, a storage box can be moved into either the newer year model vehicle or sometimes even a different vehicle depending on the overall dimensions. The only extra expense may be a new install stand.

Product Questions

Yes, we use a standard T-handle lock, but we also offer a Simplex lock option and non-locking options for smaller miscellaneous drawers.

All of our products are manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona using at least 85% USA sourced raw materials.

Yes, the gun racks are slotted, and all the brackets are movable to accommodate a wide range of weapons. We also have several different gun locks and key styles available.

No. We have manufactured many different boxes, consoles and pans and sliders through the years. If you don’t see the exact product on the website please contact us, you may be surprised!

Yes! As amazing as our quality product is, things happen, so we do offer a warranty period for 2 years. For more information regarding our warranty please contact us.

There are many different factors, including but not limited to, product sizes, material used in manufacturing product (steel or aluminum), etc. Please contact us to discuss options.

Shipping Questions

  • Many of our smaller items and console items we keep in stock and can ship within a day or two.
  • Gun racks are assembled as ordered and can be ready to ship within a week or less.
  • Boxes, sliders and pans are manufactured as ordered and typically ship within two to three weeks.
  • Custom items can take three to four weeks to ship during normal production times.

Occasionally, production times increase due to increased demand or raw material back orders. We do our best to account for these delays if and when they happen.

Call us at 602-414-9973 (MST). We have dealers across the western states and continue to add new locations all the time. We also have an outside sales team that can come to you and a very knowledgeable inside sales team as well.

Yes! We have our go-to companies that we use regularly, but if you have an account with a different carrier and get better rates, we can use your account. If you do not have a freight account, but have a preferred company to receive freight from, we will discuss your options and pricing during the quoting process.